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Bishop Noel & Marie Santiago
Bishop Noel Santiago was born in Camuy, Puerto Rico. He is a descendant from a large family (eight brothers), humble and simple. His father was a horse-trainer. His birth was the fulfillment of a prediction. His mother Brunilda Rodríguez was a cousin of Evangelista Puerto Rican Yiye Avila. While she was pregnant, a gentleman said to her: " Woman what you have in your belly is a male and it will be a preacher of the gospel:
"Before you were forming in the belly I met you, and before nacieses I sanctified you. Jeremías 1-5.
His ministry began from a very early age. When he was twelve-years-old Bishop was wrapped in the ministry of music in his local church until the age of fourteen. At the age of fourteen, Bishop moved with his family to the United States, and there he began his preaching the gospel. 
Missionary Marie Santiago was born in the city of Bridgeport in the state of Conneticut.  Her father Domingo Morales and her mother Carmen Díaz were a humble family, that came from Puerto Rico looking for a better quality of life. Marie is the younges of seven siblings. At the age of fifteen years Bishop Noel met Marie and after a time of engagement, on May 2, 1981 he married her. Upon marrying Marie, the couple moved away from Conneticut. Their ministry began to expand into evangelism allowing them to travel to different countries such as North, South and Central America.
God began to bless them in a big and special way, and the ministry Evangelístico Message For You, Inc was born . Since God was opening doors everywhere, the invitations began to come. God granted to him the privilege of recording spiritual anthems so his ministry not only is of preaching, also it is of canticles. Miracles, prodigies, and signs of last days accompany his campaigns. "And these signs shall follow them that believe in my name: shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them. They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". Mark 16:17-18. God has continued to open doors that no man can close.
His ministry has expanded across the world to some of the most remote places; Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, and Costa Rica, are some of the countries that God has allowed him to travel with the message of the Gospel. Some of the methods that Bishop Santiago uses to reach multitudes are as follows:
        - programs of radio and television          
        - messages recorded on video  
        - DVD's and Audio Cassettes 
        - campaigns Evangelísticas
Inside his ministry God has granted him to be employed in other areas by shepherding and teaching at his self-started Biblical School and Institute.