Shiloh City of Peace Foundation Inc. - "Land, Bread, Housing, Education, Clothing, Justice & Peace"
Why Donations are Important!
Shiloh's City of Pesce Foundation is a non-profit organization supervised by Shiloh's Executive Board Members and administered by local professioanls and volunteers.
Prayerfully, Shiloh City of Peace Foundation funding will come in the form of state and federal grants. That means one-fourth of its funding must come from the communities in which Shiloh City of Peace Foundation provide services.
While it is fair to say that 40% percent of the local population receives direct benefits from Shiloh City of Peace Foundation, it is also correct to say that the entire community benefits from the services.   
Here are a few reasons why that is true:                     
At any given time, varies community members have access to Shiloh City of Peace Foundtion services. People from many sectors of the social and economic spectrum can receive services.  
People who do not receive direct services themselves may still benefit from the services because they are comforted knowing that friends, neighbors and relatives who need services may access them when necessary.
A community functions best when it takes care of those who are hurting in some way.
Services provided to one sector of the community benefit the entire community in ways which are not always seen, but are very real because they offset social negatives with social positives (support, caring, money, etc.)
Evidence of strong, local support (volunteers, cash, donated goods and services) is required by government funding sources that require a measure of "local match" to complement government grants. Minimal "local match may result in reduced government funding for local services.
Even the need for local services such as those provided by  Shiloh City of Peace Foundation remains strong, government funding has diminished. There is only one way to maintain the quality and quantity of services which is local, cash donations.
Why Clothing and Household Items are Important to Survivors:
        Imagine Starting a Home from Scratch!
If you have never been homeless, you can't fully appreciate the challenges of establishing a new home with practically nothing. Sad to say, this is the problem that many battered citizens face after leaving their abusers.   
Many families have little more than the clothes on their backs when they escape the life-threatening dangers in their homes. They know full well what they are leaving behind, but the risks to themselves and their children are more important than material things. They must leave -- and fast!  
We  help with locating  emergency shelter and safety planning and all the other needs victims encounter, we also help them find new housing and furnish it with the basics. Because money is always an issue, those basics typically come in the form of donations from Shiloh City of Peace Foundation supporters.
We can assist these families with a  jump start in creating a home in which they can feel safe and secure, here are a few guidelines we ask you to observe.
    Clothing and Household Items Needed Regularly    
Baby and Infant Items
Car Seats (not more than four years old)
Summer and Winter -- in season
All kinds for women, children and teens
Occasionally we need clothing for men
Appliances: Range, refrigerator, microwave, mixer
Pots and pans
Bathroom Supplies
Towels and washcloths
Dressers and night stands
Linens, blankets
Living room
Furniture (sofas, chairs, tables)
Television sets and dvd/vhs player Household
Cleaning supplies
Appliances: Clocks, radios, vacuum cleaners, fans
Tools: Basic tool kit, snow shovel, flashlight, night lights,storage bins with lids
Gift Certificates for Gas, Personal care, Oil change, Grocery Store and Phone Cards
                 Items We Cannot Receive
Car seats more than four years old
Cribs that are more than two years old and do not have written certifications regarding compliance with current safety features
Old computers
Very heavy furniture
Non-functional decorating items such as:
Wall plaques
Pottery and glassware
  How to Donate to Shiloh City of Peace Foundation
Call First
We have limited space to store donated items and our need for particular items varies from week to week. Therefore, we require that all potential donors call before delivering the items.
             Call (270) 300-1841 Ask for Apostle LaQuita Gaskins
Sometimes we may ask you to keep larger items (beds and furniture, etc.) until we have room to store them or until a family is ready to use them. In this case, we will record the item you have to give and your name and phone number.
Then we will call you when the family is ready to receive them.
In the case of larger items like beds and furniture, we may ask you to deliver the items directly to another location so that we can avoid handling them twice. This could be more convenient for you also if the family that receives the item lives in your community .
Shiloh's City of Peace Foundation Donations are Tax Deductible
The Shiloh City of Peace Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization. All donations to it, including used household items and clothing, are acknowledged with a receipt suitable as evidence that the donation qualifies as a deduction to a charitable organization.
                       Thank you...

for helping victims of domestic violence get a fresh start in their lives. Equipping a new home is one of the most important services we provide.
                                Cash for Trash
Don't throw away your empty laser printer toner or inkjet cartridges. Donate them to Shiloh City of Peace Foundation. We'll turn those used printer cartridges into cash to help the community. We also take used cell phones and recycle them too. Call to arrange for a pick-up today.
Donate your used car, truck, van, boat or RV and receive these fantastic benefits:
Tax deduction on your itemized federal return.
No problems selling your vehicle - we take care of that problem for you.
Personal pride in knowing you helped your community.
                     Shiloh's Open Door Mission
Shiloh City of Peace Foundation always welcomes the opportunity for you to consider providing a gift through bequests, trusts and other life income sources.
If you have planned, or are planning to include Shiloh City of Peace Foundation in your estate, please contact:
Apostle LaQuita Gaskins - President
(270) 300-1841 
or send an email to
Shiloh is a touch from the Heart, helping you through
tough times and make a new Start.
Shiloh can help remove fear, worries and doubts.
Shiloh will help during the storms and trails that you face.
Shiloh is always available to reach out and touch when there is a need!