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D.I.V.A. Society is developed to provide support and resources to mothers/caregivers and daughters or young girls (ages 8-18) to help strengthen their relationships, as well as identify solutions to problems such as: communications, peer pressure, personal health, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, sex, etc. 
This program is offered through our Life-Skills Center.
Ms Halie Holloway
Jr D.I.V.A. & Youth NAACP Representative
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We continuously provide self-development opportunities for women and girls to help improve their quality of life. Through our structured programs, we strive to make positive impacts on the lives of women and girls.
Our goal, first goal is to encourage and empower mothers/caregivers to accept and take responsibility for raising their daughters to become productive, confident, and self-respecting young ladies.
Our second goal is to help develop our young girls into women equipped with the proper morals and values to empower and prepare them to pursue their dreams and goals.
Ultimately, they will take and use what has been instilled in them to make a positive impact in their communities and society at large.
To the many single fathers, grandparents and foster parents who are caring for and raising girls.
We invite you to participate in our programs and to take full advantage of the support and resources offered.  With our help the caregivers of girls ages 8-19 become more effective parents to their adolescent and teenage daughters.
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