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Imperial Gentlemen Club
Are you a single parent or guardian raising a young gentlemen and looking for Godly role models to mentor, encourage and support your son?
The Imperial Gentlemen Club is created to help young men develop responsibility from the ages of 8 – 19 years of age toward healthy manhood.  Through our program they learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect.
The challenge for young men in today's world is greater than ever. Young men suffer from sadness, fear and anger in a culture of cruelty and are taught not to express their feelings  and with the help of a mentoring role to guide and nurture a positive relationship you can evolve into producing young men with valuable morals and respect.
Gangs, drugs, Internet pornography, and teen pregnancies compound this critical time in a young man's life.  Young men usually seek honor and respect through threats and acts of violence.  When a young man takes a risk, he is begging for attention. 
Too many good young men get caught up in a path they may not have chosen if they had a mentor to help see options, weigh consequences and make positive choices. Usually the use of alcohol, and other drugs continues to be a rite of passage for many young men. 
This program is offered through our Life-Skills Center.
Our program addresses core issues facing adolescent young men.
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Boys act out for a reason. Once that reason is revealed, they are better able to make conscious choices.
                              Our goal is to:
·         Build self esteem
·         Provide a unique and safe place where
          young men can interact with committed,
          conscientious men
·         Encourage young men to be men of honor.
          To seek and speak the truth.
·         Help young men discover and develop their
          individual strengths, talents and gifts.
·         Mentor positive male role models.
·         Challenge young men to live responsible by
          actions and make a meaningful impact in the
·         Teach young men how to resolve conflicts
           and ask for forgiveness.
·         Support young men dreams to find a
          personal mission.
·         Praise the greatness in each young men.
·         Give our  young men hope, confidence and
Minimum Donations $5
Our programs operate soley on your generous contribution to
Imperial Gentlemen Mentoring & Support Fund
Thank you for your kind and geniouns donations we are only as strong as our supporters.
If you need a receipt for your donations please contact
The Lifeskills Center (270) 300-1841