Shiloh City of Peace Foundation Inc. - "Land, Bread, Housing, Education, Clothing, Justice & Peace"
We offer quality services and programs that nurture and nourish the spiritual, physical, psychological, educational, social and emotional well-being of children and their families, all within the context of Christian community.
Many of our accepted children/families are coping through difficult situations which are displayed in various ways such as one or a combination of the following:
The youth has emotionally/behaviorally disturbed behavior patterns. Such behavior may range from extremely passive and withdrawn to aggressive. The behavior does not conform to expectations of home, school, and/or community.
Youth that need outpatient aftercare and programming for chemical dependency  - Shiloh is pending licensing for this care, however, we cannot accept an individual who is in need of inpatient drug treatment.
There is a history of failures and non-achievement in school due to behavioral/emotional disturbance and/or learning disability.
Cognitive level of function is program specific; please refer to individual program descriptions.
The application of a child with special health needs is considered on the basis of available resources to meet those needs.
Youth that has a primary diagnosis of sexual disorder or paraphelia and has been adjudicated for a sexual offense. We do not accept youth who display a high risk of repeated sexual acting out behavior.
Youth must be capable of regulating life threatening behaviors at the time of admission.
Our mentoring programs cannot accept clients who pose an extreme safety risk to self or others, or who require extensive nursing care. Youth who are actively psychotic, suicidal, homicidal or violent would be referred to the appropriate level of care.
Our Program Director will carefully review each candidate individually to ensure that we can provide an appropriate level of support for the individual’s needs.
When Shiloh City of Peace Foundation’s Executive Board has a discrepancy during the final review processing of the application, approval we will consult upon the decision of its Founders.  When an application is determined that we are unable to safely meet the needs of the individual, we reserve the right to deny admission and we will recommend appropriate referals to other organizations.