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The overall mission of the Shiloh Life-Skills is to enhance the life skills of  members of the Radcliff Community and to become and outreach to children and young adults throughout not only the surrounding counties in Kentucky but to fellowship with counties throughout our Nation and establish outreach communities abroad.   
Our Center is to provide mentoring activities and programs to promote life skills that are diminishing through these children’s generation in hope to develop a sense of pride and“Espirit de Corps” which enhances competition and professional growth and development.  
"They found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions"
(Luke 2:46)
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 Shiloh Life-Skills has identified three core goals: 
1. To serve as a focal point within the community in bringing the wide array of Institute constituents together through common interests in healthy living; fierce, but friendly competition; and a sense of pride and school spirit
2. To provide intercollegiate, recreational and physical education programs of the highest quality to ensure that the growth and development of our students is impacted in the most positive manner
3. To contribute to the Shiloh City of Peace Foundation, Inc's national profile and reputation through the recruitment and retention of impact scholar children who excel both in the classroom and in the community  
The Shiloh Life-Skills has also identified five strategic goals:
1. To develop an ever increasing level of support for counseling and mentoring programs from a wide ranging group of alumni and within the metro area community;
2. To involve an ever increasing percent of the total student population within our district and to include surrounding communities:.
3. Maintain a total student grade-point average of 3.0 or higher; 
4.To assist in the cultivation of external relationships through community involvement;
5. To develop an ever increasing level of support for Shiloh Life-Skills programs from a wide ranging group of alumni and within the metro area community.        
Staff Qualifications
Shiloh Life-Skills staff includes certified counselors and others with human and community services  degrees and specialized skills. All are rich in knowledge and experience within the realm of our services.  
They are dedicated to assist groups in planning and implementing an education and mentoring program that is especially suited to the group's needs.
Curriculum can be selected to enhance a unit of study, follow a particular theme, take advantage of a particular season, and/or reflect student/counselor interests.
Themes may include Native Americans, Pioneers, Conservation/Ecology, Nature Discovery & Exploration, Fall Harvest, Winter Wonderland, Spring Fever, Animals, Anger Management, Social skills development and more.
Groups may choose rides on horseback, volleyball, basketball, soccer, flag football, baseball, softball, Frisbee, ping pong, four square, miniature golf, horseshoes, sledding, snowboarding, skiing, singing, crafts, skits, storyteller, dancing, hayrides, game show, movies, and campfires.
Shiloh Life-Skills resides within the Shiloh City of Peace Foundation is conveniently located in the city of Vine Grove, Kentucky off HWY 313 just 5 miles west of Fort Knox, 20 miles North of Elizabethtown, Kentucky  and 1 hour South of Louisville, Kentucky.
Guests can explore a variety of habitats surrounding Hardin Country: Neighboring timbered land, caves, parks and museums, zoos aquarium, and farmland contrast with the un-timbered forest woodlands, fields, meadows, quiet pond, and refreshing stream.
Our classrooms, and nature center allow programming to continue uninterrupted regardless of weather. Your group can decide just how much “exposure to the elements” you are willing to experience.
Community Living and Life Skills
An important part of the mentoring program is helping students grow life skills including personal responsibility, stewardship, cooperation and problem solving within a community.  
At Shiloh's Life-Skills children are served nutritious meals family style, practice table manners and hospitality, measure food waste, take turns being responsible for table setting and clean up.
Adventure activities and games require students to work together to solve the group's “problem”.
The contribution of every member of the group is valued and encouraged.
Opportunities are available for all ages
 preschool, elementary, middle school, high school
                              and adults in every season.                            
Shiloh LifeSkills Center is seeking Sponsors
 for support.
Our programs are provided soley through generous contributions.
Please take the time
to give a child an experience of a lifetime!
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Application for admission is initiated through the completion of the Shiloh’s Life-Skills Application Packet and supporting documentation. Any child who receives special education services, a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) is required prior to placement.
After all of the information has been received, the Admissions Committee will review and give consideration to the ability of the programming provided through our facility to meet the needs and expectations of the child, his/her family, the custodian, guardian, and referring agent.
Applications are considered by the Admissions and Discharge Committee within 14 days of receipt of the completed application and supporting documentation.
Should you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact:
Shiloh's Life-Skills 
(270) 300-1841
There are many reasons why Shiloh Life-Skills is an integral to the social community:
  • Life-Skills activities provide a means for relaxation, frustration venting, stress reduction and a place for kids to deal with feelings and learn constructive ways to deal with feelings positively. Feeling positive may not have been the typical “way of life” for many of our children, but rather an environment of stress and fear.
  • Life-Skills activities give our staff opportunities to relate to the youth in the best of circumstances, which can promote better understanding and a foundation for building rapport.
  • Especially important to new members, Life-Skills activities can help them adjust to our program and give them a group to identify with.
  • Life-Skills helps youth to develop self pride, group pride, character, a concept of life—competitative skills, and aids in physical and mental growth.
  • Socialization. Activities vs. using! “Rules” allow the members to experience the possibility of following societal rules in as non-threatening way as possible.
  • Life-Skills provides an opportunity to learn sportsmanship. There are countless times in life that we win or lose. Through activities, our staff give youth a chance to handle both success and failure in acceptable ways.
  • Life-Skills can teach youth what a structured environment and the physical and mental benefits of social structure are.
  • Recreation skills are important and should be used by the individual for his/her best interest. We provide and promotes a wide variety of activities—from aerobic workouts, basketball, bicycling, nature walks, animal training, horseback riding, museum viewing, weight-lifting, dancing and educational outtings out of state to teach social graces. We encourage our youth to use their time in a positive and acceptable manner.
After each Life-Skills and recreation period, each child has a post-evaluation, depending on what type of behavioral contract he/she is under. The evaluation is based on attendance, behavior, participation and group achievement.