Shiloh City of Peace Foundation Inc. - "Land, Bread, Housing, Education, Clothing, Justice & Peace"
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Wherever you may be on your path, you will find a support with a wealth of opportunities for growth.
Our mission is to provide professional advocacy and liaison support to the diverse multicultural populations of our communities.
We contribute high levels of quality services in regards to individual and family support. We promote family structure, social counseling, education, , and an expansion of various entities to enhance diverse nationalities.
 Lord of compassion, reach out to the poor, needy, hungry, imprisoned and homeless.  Remove their suffering and isolation so that they might know wholeness and comfort.  Remove the barriers of injustice and bureaucracy that they might find new hope, new life and new homes. Bless our organization and other organizations and each of the individuals who offer their time, talents and treasures to alleviate pain and persecution in our world.....
We ask this in Christ name
Our Programs Operate By Your Generous Donations
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